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Academia B

Knowledge and skills for a New Economy in Latin America

Academia B is an initiative by Sistema B aimed at creating a bridge between the B Movement and the academic world in order to generate knowledge and skills for a New Economy in which success is measured by the well-being of people and the environment.

The B Movement has advanced rapidly in recent years. We need to generate spaces for reflection to evaluate what has happened so far on this path, measure the impact generated, learn from the process, promote best practices and improve areas that still have gaps. In order for us to build together a more inclusive and diverse economy in the long term, we need to shift away from a being just a story to becoming a theory and then on to creating new public policies.

Hundreds of students and entrepreneurs identify with the purpose of the B Movement but cannot find information and cases aligned with the New Economy in their educational centers. That’s why we at Academia B want to facilitate the space so that thousands of researchers, teachers and students can join this movement contributing with the academic outlook and practice and promoting communication and joint work. This way they can develop their own proposals and initiatives and be agents of change towards a new economy.

To achieve this, Academia B proposes three pillars:

Generation of new knowledge:

Promoting research to support the advancement of the agenda from Latin America to the global B Movement.

Capacity building:

Tools and experiences to reach hundreds of students and entrepreneurs who are preparing to open businesses in the future.

Building the future:

Information and suggestions for those who make the decisions in business and in public policies

Global Academic Network

We want many academics to be part of this global academic network so that they can generate permanent knowledge and learning about B Corps and the B Movement for a New Economy from Latin America to the world.

We invite you to take advantage of its data to connect with the thousands of professors, researchers, educators, and students who are developing proposals and initiatives in this field.

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Sistema B

Sistema B is a non-profit organization that operates with the vision of an economy where success is measured by the well-being of people and nature. We seek to build a favorable ecosystem to strengthen the companies that use the power of the market to solve social and environmental problems: B Corps.

Sistema B has been growing as both an organization and a movement. Our value proposition is not limited to the work of our teams: it facilitates the protagonism of every actor willing to take his/her place in the economic transition to the era of sustainability and helps them interconnect and learn locally and globally. Sistema B develops and interconnects six groups of economy actors: B Corps, great market actors, public policies actors, opinion leaders, investors, and the academic world with its educators, researchers and professors. The achievements and innovations of such diverse interconnected community of actors inspire continental and global networks.

Academia B is an initiative by Sistema B aimed at connecting Academia B, B Corps and the Movement for a New Economy in order to generate new knowledge and opportunities to build skills. It seeks to promote the production of academic literature, training programs, outreach tools and general information that enable the creation of knowledge and permanent learning about B Corps and the Movement for a New Economy in Latin America. Sistema B makes its articulation skills and virtual and face-to-face infrastructure available for Academia B.

B Corps

All B Corps measure their social and environmental impact and personally, institutionally and legally commit to making decisions considering the consequences of their actions in the long term for the community and the environment. They are proud of belonging to a global movement of companies that want to make a change using the market force to solve social and environmental problems, and they do so with great responsibility.

This new type of company extends the fiduciary duty of its shareholders and managers in their bylaws by incorporating non-financial long-term interests, fulfilling the commitment to continuously improve its social and environmental impacts, and operating with high standards of performance and transparency.

B Corps want to be the best companies FOR the World , not only IN the world. 

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