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To achieve its goal of redefining success in business, B Lab recognizes it needs to scale. Its strategy to do so requires B Lab to depend heavily on new partners, venture into new markets, influence new audiences, and to strike a balance between standards and flexibility. Is this the right strategy to achieve B Lab’s […]

As empresas, centrais no modelo de desenvolvimento capitalista, estão sendo questionadas sobre suas ações na resolução de problemas da sociedade. Citado como exemplo do conceito de organizações híbridas, o Movimento B Corp torna-se um rico objeto de estudo para a compreensão das alternativas de revisão dos modelos organizacionais. O presente estudo descritivo-exploratório, de caráter qualitativo […]

In response to growing concern for social and environmental issues throughout the world, a small but steadily growing movement is working to harness the power of business for the benefit of society. This movement, the B Corp movement, is comprised of for-profit companies committed to sustainability-related initiatives that are central to their purpose. This movement […]

The B Corp movement – a group of for-profit companies that have committed to pursuing social or environmental goals alongside their financial targets – has increasingly global aspirations. At Bridges, we have always believed that business can be harnessed as a powerful force for good. Since our foundation in 2002, we have been investing in […]

The business and human rights (BHR) movement shares several goals with the Benefit Corporation (B Corp) movement: corporations respecting human rights; maintaining a “wide aperture” so that all impacts of a company on people and communities are addressed; and creating rigorous standards of conduct and means of accountability. This paper argues that nonetheless the movements […]

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El objetivo general planteado del trabajo de tesis es “Comprender las razones por las cuales las empresas mendocinas deben intervenir en ofrecer soluciones a los problemas sociales y ambientales, y proponer una iniciativa de cambio para el universo empresarial de la provincia”. Click aquí Ibarbia, M. (2013). ¿Por qué las empresas pueden cambiar el mundo? Campaña de […]

The goal of this essay has different scopes: in the first chapter, the aim is to provide a complete idea regarding the ideology behind the B Movement; how it was born and why it differs from Traditional Companies and Non-profit organizations. The second chapter discusses the arrival of the B Movement in Chile and the […]