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We are in a new era. For-profit businesses are tackling social and environmental issues, nonprofits are developing sustainable business models, and governments are forging market-based approaches to service delivery. Out of this blurring of traditional boundaries, a different model of enterprise is emerging, driven by entrepreneurs who are motivated by social aims. Full text. Sabeti, […]

Certification objectively demonstrates our strong commitment to sustainability at a time when more consumers support companies dedicated to social and environmental change, and as investors, the public, and the media hold companies to higher standards. Full Text. Stammer, R.(2016) It Pays to Become a B Corporation. Harvard Business Review, Estados Unidos.

The landscape of American corporations is changing. Since the financialization of the economy in the late 1970s, corporate governance practices have tightly linked the purpose of business with maximizing shareholder value. However, as the 21st century pushes on, there has been an increased emphasis on other stakeholder values, particularly social and environmental concerns. This trend […]

B Corps is a growing contemporary phenomenon, attracting not only the media attention but also entrepreneurs interested in developing organizations that set their purpose to “redefine success in business” and “use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems” (B Lab, 2012). By combining two different logics (i.e. social and economic), B Corps […]

A través de este estudio se buscó obtener un diagnóstico del grado de desarrollo de la Cultura Ética en Organizaciones Chilenas, identificando los tipos de transgresiones éticas que se presentan y las dimensiones culturales de las organizaciones que influyen en la construcción de una Cultura Virtuosa. Revisa el documento en el siguiente link Equipo de investigación […]